What Should Farmers Know About Climate Change? Livestock Indemnity Program

March 19, 2018Blog, Climate Column

By Janan Lenzy, NFU Intern Abnormal weather patterns have increasingly made livestock producers vulnerable to reduced outputs. Previously on the Climate Column, we’ve discussed tools developed by the U.S. Department Agriculture (USDA) that assist farmers with preparations for droughts and higher temperatures, but there are also programs that provide financial compensation and assistance for extreme … Read More

What Do Farmers Need to Know About Climate Change? Livestock Forage Program

March 12, 2018Climate Column

By Tom Driscoll, Director of NFU Foundation and Conservation Policy A 2013 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) bulletin notes that ongoing monitoring of climate data has led experts to anticipate “an increase in areas experiencing droughts and the occurrence of more intense precipitation events.” It’s self-evident to farmers and ranchers that greater incidence of these … Read More

Three Individuals Awarded Farmers Union’s Highest Honor

March 6, 2018Blog

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 5, 2018 Contact: Andrew Jerome, 202-314-3106 ajerome@nfudc.org KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The strength, diversity and success of modern family farm agriculture is the result of hardworking men and women across the industry, and three individuals have gone above and beyond to ensure that success and the well-being of family farmers, ranchers and … Read More

Standing Tall Together Against Opioid Misuse

February 27, 2018Blog

By Anne Hazlett, Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development, USDA No one comes together during a crisis like the American farmer. From economic downturns to natural disasters, farmers and ranchers have faced them all and come out standing tall. We need that spirit of cooperation and perseverance now to face the deadly crisis of … Read More

Saving the Farm: The Need for Farm Advocates

February 22, 2018Blog

By Joe Schroeder, Farm Advocate at Farm Aid Since 1985, Farm Aid has responded to farm crises on the individual, community, and national level. Farm Aid has long supported and held up farmers who face crises and the farm advocates who help them through get through the hard times. As Farm Aid’s farm advocate, my job … Read More

Access to Efficiency: 5 Reasons to Join Farmers Union

February 20, 2018Beginning Farmers

By Sherri Dugger, Indiana Farmers Union’s Media and Outreach Director, Co-Owner and Operator of Dugger Family Farm I was an easy sell. When I first met Rob Davies, the marketing manager for Indiana Farmers Union, in late 2016 at a local coffee shop in Danville, Indiana, it took him about 15 minutes to sell me on … Read More

Access to Efficiency: Seed Treatment

February 14, 2018Beginning Farmers

By Tom Driscoll, Director of NFU Foundation and Conservation Policy Beginning farmers who grow grains know that the time between planting and emergence in the field can be perilous for their crops. Pathogens in the soil or on seeds can overtake or impair the growth of a seedling, damaging yields and – ultimately – profitability. … Read More

What Can Farmers Do About Climate Change? Meeting Paris Agreement Goals

February 13, 2018Climate Column

By Janan Lenzy, NFU Intern The Paris Climate Agreement was constructed within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in December of 2015. Adopted by consensus, the agreement aims to maintain “a global temperature rise” of less than 2 degrees Celsius or 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improving … Read More

There is Power in Numbers: A New Day for Indiana Farmers Union

February 8, 2018Blog

By Sherri Dugger, Indiana Farmers Union’s Media and Outreach Director, Co-Owner and Operator of Dugger Family Farm “There is power in numbers.” It was a simple concept, and it was cliché. But it was the truth, and it was the only way I knew to explain how Indiana Farmers Union (INFU) and National Farmers Union (NFU) … Read More

Access to Efficiency: Learning How to Farm

February 6, 2018Beginning Farmers

By Liz Brownlee, Co-Owner & Operator of Nightfall Farm My husband, Nate, knew one thing as a high schooler: he would never, ever work as a farmer. His high school summer job was on a grain farm near Franklin, Indiana, and while his bosses treated him well, the work was not, in his opinion, the … Read More