The future of family farm agriculture depends upon the civic involvement of the next generation. National Farmers Union believes young people can practice good citizenship now. Farmers Union encourages this through leadership training and opportunities for young people.

With this in mind, National Farmers Union creates educational materials for grades 1 through 12 for local, state and regional Farmers Union chapters. NFU encourages the use of these educational materials in classrooms. Reprinting or linking to these materials is permitted with proper attribution to National Farmers Union. Contact Maria Miller at at 202-697-0128 for more information.

National Farmers Union (NFU)’s 2012 Youth and Adult Curriculum is an excellent curriculum on co-operatives. It is titled Cooperation: The Business of Teamwork. This comprehensive workbook starts with Grades 1-2 with lesson plans on simple co-operative games and ends with Collegiate and Adult activities that focus on spreadsheets, legal terminology related to cooperative development, and sample budgets. It exists in DVD and hard copy formats.

Farmers Union chapters around the US will be using this curriculum in 2013 in various ways. To inquire about how to get a copy, email AKFU at or phone 202-554-1600